Proof of Concept  Multiplayer Mech game done in Unity. Idea is that you can build AI for your Mech in real IDE like in Visual Studio and connect it to the game. Proof of concept  Players can connect to server – Done Server and Client – Done DotNet client for Mech AI – Done...

Project name: UltiSmasher

Proof of concept of 2 player clicker game for tablets and maybe also bigger phones. TODO: Basic game mechanics PowerUps Menus Graphics for sidemenus Better Tile graphics Animations for tiles and PowerUps Music and Sound Multilpayer Player Rankings Used techniques: HTML, JavaScipt, Phaser.js Framework, MySQL, CSS, Node.js, UltiSmasher

Flashback Veikkaus 2016

New, modern and better and Flashback veikkaus. Idea is to re-do Flashback Veikkaus with modern web techniques like AngularJS and Node.js TODO: Better and easy to manage database  Modern look Groups Better login system Used techniques: HTML, JavaScipt, AJAX, MySQL, CSS  

AM-Montage Web-page

  This site was developed for AM-Montage Oy. It was first published in 2014. Nothing too fancy here. Used techniques: HTML, Javascipt, CSS  

Kierteen Änäriturnaus

  This project was developed for Kierre Xbox NHL tournament. It was used in 2012 and 2013. Great little web-app for keep scores and standings for teams and players. Different pages for mobile and desktop view. Used techniques: HTML, PHP, MySQL, JQueryMobile, JavaScript, CSS    

Flashback Veikkaus

This was one of my first web sites. It was developed by me for me and my friends to keep betting Ice Hockey World Champions. First year was 2009 so it is bit old but still working. 🙂 Used techniques: HTML, PHP, JavaScipt, AJAX, MySQL, CSS